Swedish & Holistic Body Massage:

Swedish body massage is the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body such as muscles in order to promote health, well being, healing and relaxating effects. Each manipulation has the effect on the area being treated as well as on the whole body. The holistic application of physical touch to affect the elimination, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic, endocrine, emotional, mental and nervous syustems. It is a loving touch of the heart expressed through the hands.

Stone Massage known for therapeutic benefits, the art of massage is a centuries-old healing technique, which is used to help the body heal itself and increase well-being. After a massage, the body feels much more relaxed and revitalised. It also helps to clear the mind and improve concentration.
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Full Body Swedish Massage

55 Minutes.

Relaxing muscle massage based on Swedish techniques, using various oils, this treatment also includes a soothing foot massage. Restores lost energy and de-stresses the body.


Swedish Back Massage

25 Minutes

Relaxing back massage to relieve tired and aching muscles and helps to prevent muscle fatigue and headaches. This relaxing massage uses essential oils which are absorbed through the skin with the aromatic effects of each blend, helping to balance the mind and body.

Full Body Aroma Massage De-Stress - Relax

55 minutes

A therapeutic massage for complete relaxation using a blend of the highest quality essential oils. Recommended after the Aromatherapy cocoon Body Wrap or Aroma Salt Glow.

Aroma Back Massage

25 minutes - Relaxation back massage using a blend of essential oils.


Duo Full Body or Back Massage (chat & relax).

55 Minutes -  A massage for a couple or two friends to enjoy in the same treatment room. Each Person has their own Therapist.


Deep Tissue / Sports Massage - Upper & Lower Body

Back 25 Minutes or Back & Legs 40 min.

These ‘firm' massages relieve tight muscles, eliminate knots and release a build-up of toxins from muscle and tissue, helping to prevent injuries.

Stone Spa Back Therapy

Stone massge known for it's theraputic benefits the art of massage is a centuries old healing technique.

30 Minutes - This treatment includes a Spinal layout using the warm basalt stones around the neck, shoulders and back.  A great way to refresh the mind, body and soul.  An ideal treatment for those suffering with deep tissue/ muscular or arthritic problems.


Stone Spa Full Body Therapy 

60 Minutes - This treatment includes a full body massage using the warm basalt stones. 

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Hopi - Ear Candeling.

45 minutes - This centuries old treatment has been used throughout North America & Asia to relieve migraines, headaches, congestion and treat ear problems. Combined with a lymphatic facial massage this treatment will help the body to heal and increase well-being. 

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