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Covid 19: Caring For You

Caring For You is our new guest care programme at the Hillgrove Hotel to ensure we all adapt to hospitality’s new norms. When your desire to travel, dine, and unwind returns, Caring For You is our guarantee that we are prepared to safely and warmly welcome you back.

Our Caring For You programme includes detailed Cleaning, Sanitising and Health & Safety protocols. These have been developed in line with HSE, government and Irish Hotel Federation guidelines, and have also received Fáilte Ireland Safety Charter accreditation. In addition, we have implemented some new innovations, to ensure your time with us is as enjoyable and relaxing as it ever was.

Some guidelines are highly visible throughout our hotel, others are combined into our service offerings, and many others in the back-of-house even go invisible to your eye. In all cases, the wellbeing of our guests and colleagues is our utmost consideration, so that you may continue to enjoy your time at the Hillgrove Hotel with new norms of safety and peace of mind.

  • Visible markings guide you safely in the hotel lobby, and our colleagues observe social distancing whilst checking you in and out.
  • Contactless payment options and e-mail receipts are encouraged. Where this is not possible, payment terminals are disinfected before and after each transaction.
  • Key Cards are disinfected with medical-grade antimicrobial agent after each stay.
  • A comprehensive cleaning and sanitising programme is in place for all guest bedrooms and bathrooms in preparation for your arrival, with specific extra attention being given to all touch points throughout.
  • All additional furnishings and non-essential items are also removed from our bedrooms so we can focus on the highest levels of cleanliness. We understand rooms may appear a bit bare, however these changes have been made with the highest levels of guest care and safety in mind.
  • Linens are being handled with extreme care to prevent raising dust and potential contamination. Used linen will be washed at a minimum of 70°C for at least 25 mins to kill potential bacteria.
  • Newspapers, magazines and collateral will be removed from guestrooms and replaced by our complimentary PressReader App which grants you access to over 7,000 newspapers and magazines via your own personal devices.
  • Our Guest Directory and Room Service Menus have been replaced with digital versions to reduce unnecessary clutter. QR Codes are in place on mirrors, for you to scan and gain immediate access to all necessary hotel information.
  • All dining services now have the option of in-room dining, in addition to table service in our restaurant and bar.
  • Buffet services have been replaced by comprehensive menus for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner which our team of service staff will deliver with the utmost care and attention.
  • Menus have been removed from tables, and replaced by QR Code stickers, for you to scan and view menus from your mobile phone. Laminated versions of our menus, which are cleaned after each use, will also be available on request.
  • Our service team are all wearing face coverings to afford you the maximum levels of comfort and peace of mind.
  • A reduced number of tables will be placed in zigzag patterns to ensure social distancing and avoid guests facing each other.
  • Tableware including all used and unused wares, condiments, placemats and linens will be removed and disinfected after each party has left. Tabletops and chair arms will also be disinfected after each seating.
  • Our hotel bar is fully open and serving a full range of high-quality food and beverages.

Our kids club is operating, and we look forward to entertaining your little ones on their Summer holidays! Places are limited as we need to operate under physical distancing requirements, however our team of highly trained employees are ready to ensure your kids make the most of their time with us. We are working on innovative ways to utilise our fabulous outdoor spaces and have back up plans in place in the event of a rainy day. Pre-booking is essential and subject to availability.

Our Gym and Leisure Centre are now reopen. Pre-booking of slots in both the Gym and Pool is mandatory. Our Saunas, Steam Rooms & Jacuzzis will remain closed in line with government guidelines. Social Distancing will be in place throughout, and we would ask that you spend the minimum amount of time possible in changing rooms and common areas. Hotel guests will thus be requested to change in their guestroom and arrive to the Pool in robe & slippers. Swim hats are also to be worn by all, at all times while using the Swimming Pool.

Unfortunately, due to social distancing restrictions our Steamrooms, Saunas and Jacuzzis will remain closed for the time being. As soon as we can re-open these, we will let you know.

Lir Spa is re-open, with all the necessary precautions in place and a revised treatment menu in line with government guidelines. Advanced booking is essential, as it was before, by contacting our award-winning team on +353 (47) 72 929 or spa@hillgrovehotel.com

  • We adhere to the current guidelines for business, training events, and conferences.
  • Social distancing signs, Covid-19 information signs and handwashing signs are clearly visible in all areas of the hotel.
  • Meeting rooms will be set up with a physical 2-metre social distance between delegates.
  • Hand sanitiser is available for guest use throughout the hotel.
  • The product used is Diversey Suma Bac D10 Cleaner and Sanitiser, this is the only chemical used for surface and touchpoint cleaning in the meeting rooms and is proven to kill Covid-19 and 99% of bacteria.
  • The hotel’s dedicated sanitation team will go into the meeting room at break times, to sanitise all the touchpoints.
  • Pens and stationery items will be sprayed and wiped after each meeting room use.
  • Extra caution and care has been taken around ventilation of all meeting room spaces in our hotels. Where mechanical systems are in place and bringing in fresh air, these have been fully serviced, filters changed and speed increased.
  • Where it is not possible to bring in outside air through mechanical systems, we will be opening windows and doors while meeting space is in use to ensure a good supply of fresh air is circulating at all times.
  • Meeting rooms will be kept locked when not in use.
  • We are fully accredited under the Failte Ireland Covid Safety Charter, a Government endorsed initiative showing the highest levels of care are in place at all times.

Food and Beverage Service in Meeting Rooms
We want our guests to enjoy their breaks in a comfortable, safe and friendly environment.

  • All food items will be plated per individual guest and any condiments will be served in single-use sachets.
  • Water will be served in individual use bottles.
  • Tea/coffee and all break items will be attended to and served by a member of staff instead of self-service.
  • In addition, individually served refreshment breaks will be provided to avoid congregations of delegates and eliminate shared touchpoints.
  • Cutlery will be presented rolled up in individual napkins.
  • Vigorous and frequent cleaning and sanitising of all surfaces and touch points is being carried out throughout our hotel.
  • Furniture has been rearranged in lobbies and communal areas in such a way to allow you to enjoy our facilities with proper social distancing.
  • Hand sanitiser stations are available throughout the hotel and we are using the highest quality sanitiser in all areas.
  • Signage will remain in place throughout our public areas to remind our guests to observe social distancing and handwashing.
  • Doorways are left open where allowed to reduce contact, and elevator usage is monitored to limit capacity and ensure priority access for those in need.
  • An enhanced educational and training program for all employees will run continuously, to ensure the utmost levels of safety and security throughout all areas of our operations.
  • Any local health guidelines around the wearing of Personal Protective Equipment will be strictly adhered to by our teams across all departments from guest services to back-of-house and kitchens.
  • A robust handwashing program is in place with all employees required to thoroughly wash their hands every 60 minutes, with records kept.

We have made a lot of changes to the way we operate in order to offer you the highest levels of comfort and peace of mind whilst enjoying your stay with us. This has been challenging, and our employees have all undergone extensive retraining to adapt to the new norms. Please bear with us if things are not quite as they used to be as we continue to adapt to this new, ever changing and challenging environment.

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