Lir Spa Thermal Suite Therapy

This two hour experience includes the use of the following fabulous facilities. Herbal Sauna, Hydrotherapy Pool, Pedi Spas, Ice Fountain, Monsoon Showers, Out-door Hot tub and Relaxation Room. Cost of Thermal Suite is €40 per person or reduced when booking a treatment over €40 p.p. You can upgrade your Lir Spa experience to indicate the rasul. Please bring your swimwear & flip-flops for use in our Thermal Suite.

Heat Experience


The Rasul ‘Ritual' is an experience not to be missed and involves the combination of the heat, steam and the choice of Detoxifying Mineral Mud or Dead, Sea Salt. The product is applied by you onto your skin and the room infused with steam. Detoxifying Mineral Mud is excellent for drawing out toxins and absorbing waste materials from the skin, whilst the Dead Sea Salt is excellent for exfoliating the skin to leave it silky smooth. Treatments conclude with cleansing the skin. The Rasul can be used alone or with up to four people together - the choice is yours.

Herbal Sauna

A heat Treatment, using temperatures and high levels of humidity to cleanse and revitalize the body. Liquid fragrances, fresh herbs and essences are added to water which is sprinkled over sauna stones, adding scent to the air and flushing out toxins through sweat from the pores. The herbal essences are inhaled through the lungs to rejuvenate the body from within, whilst the soft moist heat aids breathing.

Hydro Experience

Hydrotherapy Pool

This involves the use of heat and pressure exerted by the water to gently massage the whole body, relieving muscular tension and stress. This invigorates the circulation and encourages blood flow while the feeling of weightlessness relieves pressure on the tired limbs.

Pedi Spas

Bubbling Jets of water gently massage the feet relieving tired muscles. The cuticles are softened and soles smoothed making it easier to remove rough skin. Feet feel revived and refreshed - like walking on air?

Cooling Experience

Monsoon Showers

Combine hot and cold treatments with these unique shower experiences. Refreshing cold rain showers mixed with heat for stimulating and toning the body. The strong body jets are particularly stimulating and excellent for poor circulation. 

Ice Fountain

A decorative ice fountain that produces cold ice flakes. They are rubbed over the body which stimulates the circulation, the lymphatic and immune systems, and is a great stress reliever. This treatment is best used after the warming effects of the heat experience.

Relaxation Room

Finish you experience by taking a relaxing and enjoy a cold drink in the tranquil surroundings of the relaxation room. This will help you to unwind further and you may even catch 40 winks!

When using Mud Rasul you are advised not to wear jewellery and please wear dark swimwear as mud may stain.

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